14th Intake School of the Prophets

pastor francis ng
Ps. Francis Ng
Senior pastor of Tabernacle of Christ church

A new season of SOP!

Welcome to the 14th intake of the School of the Prophets in Singapore, Nov 21-22, 2014.

By the grace of God, Pastor Francis has been called and given a mandate to raise up a prophetic company of people who will finish God’s will and purpose on earth in their generation. Through the School of the Prophets, many lives have been radically transformed after their encounter with the Ministry of the Spirit and the Word. This can be seen by the numerous testimonies from believers from all walks of life. They have also been activated to function in their prophetic gifting and have become a great blessing to their local church as well as making an impact in the market place.

In this upcoming intake, Pastor Francis is going to show you how you can tap into God’s provision to meet your needs and empower you with the keys to break limitations in your life. Your life is meant to be a blessing and you will learn how to utilize your God-given giftings and increase your sphere of influence.

If you believe there is much more to your Christian life than what you are experiencing today, don't miss this SOP. Your 2 days of commitment in this SOP will surely transform your life in God. Get ready for your adventure!